About us

The podcast covers the following topics related to free software:

  • business models
  • free software professions
  • community organizations
  • digital commons
  • content creation
  • and much more!

Podcast author

My name is Walid Nouh and I fell in love with free software when I left my computer science studies in 2000. It was like discovering a whole new world, or rather THE real computer world!

Having been fortunate enough to make a career out of it for 15 years, I’ve been able to immerse myself in the world of French-speaking open-source software. It’s an exciting and complex world, with a strong focus on human relations.

To follow me or contact me, go to Mastodon, LinkedIn or by email.

Why make a podcast?

I’m a huge user of podcasts: it’s my favorite way of consuming information. It leaves the listener free to stop and resume reading, while doing something else.

I’ve chosen an hour-long format, as it allows me to go into the subjects in depth, while staying within a reasonable time limit.
Time is not a constraint for me; some episodes are longer, or some conversations span more than one episode.

Discover our ecosystem

Source : https://pixabay.com/users/pexels-2286921/

Making a podcast is above all a personal intellectual journey: documenting and meeting people, who in turn enrich my understanding of the ecosystem. Each conversation leads to new questions or ideas for interviews, which help the original concept evolve.

As time goes by and I gain a better grasp of the issues at stake, but also of current events, the podcast is transformed.

The business model

Projets libres! is a volunteer project: above all, it’s an incentive to dive deep into free software, and learn new skills.

I’m making a small contribution to the world of French-speaking free software. I don’t want to make a living from it or monetize the podcast, being very happy in my current job.