NLnet Foundation: Funding Free Software in Europe – Lwenn Bussière

Fondation NLnet

Do you know how part of the European Free Software ecosystem is financed?

Discover the history and functioning of the NLnet Foundation, and the European Next Generation Internet NGI0 funds with Lwenn Bussière, Technology Assessor at NLnet!

/e/OS a degoogled Android – Gaël Duval – e Foundation & MURENA

Create a free, free, privacy-friendly Android OS? This is the challenge launched by Gaël Duval!

In this interview, we discuss with him the creation of the project, the structuring between company and association, the business model as well as the relationship of /e/OS with its software ecosystem. We also talk about the relationship with phone manufacturers, especially Fairphone, and the creation of their own product line, but also about the different modalities of software and hardware support.

The Peertube Story – Pouhiou & Booteille – FRAMASOFT

At Free Projects we love Peertube. And that’s just as well, because there’s a lot going on right now, with the release of v6 and the announcement of the roadmap for v7!

In this long episode with Pouhiou and Booteille, we talk about its history and future, its close links with fediverse and its relationship with content creators.