Odoo Community Association: Odoo, the community way – J. Grand-Guillaume

Odoo Community Association logo

“Alone we go faster, but together we go further. I would strongly advise getting involved in the Odoo Community Association now to get recognized before customers finally start asking for it.” Come and discover the OCA with Joël Grand-Guillaume, its president.
Together we look back at the challenges of its creation, its operation, its financing and relations with Odoo SA. We also talk about his community and his future.

NLnet Foundation: Funding Free Software in Europe – Lwenn Bussière

Fondation NLnet

Do you know how part of the European Free Software ecosystem is financed?

Discover the history and functioning of the NLnet Foundation, and the European Next Generation Internet NGI0 funds with Lwenn Bussière, Technology Assessor at NLnet!

Castopod and the podcast environment – episode 1 – Y. Doghri and B. Bellamy – AD AURES

Do you know Castopod? It’s the podcast platform that hosts Projets Libres!

In this two-part interview with Yassine Droghi and Benjamin Bellamy, the software’s founders, we cover a wide range of topics: what is a podcast? What’s Apple’s role? What is Podcasting 2.0?

Of course, we also talk to them about Castopod, its creation and the Ad Aures company.

/e/OS a degoogled Android – Gaël Duval – e Foundation & MURENA

Create a free, free, privacy-friendly Android OS? This is the challenge launched by Gaël Duval!

In this interview, we discuss with him the creation of the project, the structuring between company and association, the business model as well as the relationship of /e/OS with its software ecosystem. We also talk about the relationship with phone manufacturers, especially Fairphone, and the creation of their own product line, but also about the different modalities of software and hardware support.

Fabrice Flore-Thébault – Senior Technical Writer at RED HAT

Welcome to this episode where we take a look at the technical writer’s job with Fabrice Flore-Thébault.

After studying history and literature, Fabrice had a decisive encounter with free software. His career path has led him to explore different fields such as IT support, system administration and DevOps. Eventually, he found his calling in documentation writing at Red Hat, as Senior Technical Writer.

Remy Bertot – CTO & Co-Founder of PASSBOLT

Remy Bertot is CTO and co-founder of Passbolt, a free and open source password manager software.

We go with him for a dive into the world of Passbolt: discover the birth of the software, its community and its business model. Remy also details the safety management, the regular audits, as well as the challenges ahead for the product.

Laurent Destailleur, from AWStats to DOLIBARR ERP CRM

For this first episode, we discover Laurent Destailleur.

Laurent is a committed and passionate player in free software. He tells us about his journey, from his studies to the creation of AWStats, as well as his involvement in the Dolibarr ERP project with special community management.

He will explain the model and governance of the project, as well as its challenges and projects in No-code / Low-code.