Remy Bertot – CTO & Co-Founder of PASSBOLT

Remy Bertot is CTO and co-founder of Passbolt, a free and open source password manager software.

We go with him for a dive into the world of Passbolt: discover the birth of the software, its community and its business model. Remy also details the safety management, the regular audits, as well as the challenges ahead for the product.

Laurent Destailleur, from AWStats to DOLIBARR ERP CRM

For this first episode, we discover Laurent Destailleur.

Laurent is a committed and passionate player in free software. He tells us about his journey, from his studies to the creation of AWStats, as well as his involvement in the Dolibarr ERP project with special community management.

He will explain the model and governance of the project, as well as its challenges and projects in No-code / Low-code.